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Welcome! We're thrilled you've found us!

For decades now, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) has been implemented for the treatment of conditions such as decompression sickness (the bends), carbon monoxide poisoning, and arterial gas embolism, wound care, and a host of other medical conditions. HBOT has consistently proven to be an effective treatment, yet remains a sadly underutilized therapy in mainstream medicine.

But as time has gone by and more research is completed, the beneficial effects of HBOT on patients who've suffered from any number of diseases or injuries has become clearer and clearer...harder to ignore.

Our group has seen first-hand the beneficial effects of HBOT on stroke, traumatic brain injury, cerebral palsy, wound care...the list goes on and on, and our purpose is to share our stories and spread the word that HBOT has a horizon of benefits yet to be recognized by the medical community.

There has been little legislation pushed forth allowing for financial coverage for the use of HBOT in treating neurological injuries, and as a result, families full of hope find themselves unable to seek this therapy because they simply can't afford to.

Help us in our quest. Help us to help those who need it most.                                                   



Your tax deductible donation to AAHA enables

us to help some of the thousands of  individuals

who can benefit from access to HBOT. Please

give generously, the need is great.  

  Trusted. Safe. Secure.

Who We Are And Why We’re Here

We at the AAHA are a diverse group of men and women, all touched personally by illness, injury, and challenge, challenge usually given a poor prognosis we weren’t always encouraged to fight.  But we did fight, and we did our research, and in stumbling upon Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, we found each other. 

We’ve done our research, heard everything the HBOT skeptic has to say, read the studies, and craved more resources, but above all, each of us has personally seen Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy have a therapeutic effect.  We’ve seen it work, and we believe. 

Our goal is not to give you false hope.  Our goal is not to profit from any person’s illness or tragedy.  Our goal is to build a network of voices, of forward-thinkers, and to educate everyone we can, including the lawmakers, about the benefits of an often underused therapy.  We want knowledge, we want change, we want more research done by unbiased sources, and we want the chance to bring this treatment, and even hope, to so many who have been denied it.

AAHA's Non-Discrimination Policy

The American Association of Hyperbaric Awareness does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, religion, sexual orientation or age in its programs, activities or in any other AAHA practice. 

We welcome all who share in our dream, and judge none.


Non Profit Status

The American Association for Hyperbaric Awareness finally received its  Non-Profit 501 (c) 3 status on September 7th, 2005 retroactive to July  29th, 2004.

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